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Sustainable Design Solutions

Custom High Performance Homes, Natural Homes, Green Building,
Energy Efficient Weatherization & Green Remodels

A Natural & Green Designed home blends science, nature and craftsmanship into a beautiful, durable and self sufficient home meant to last for centuries. Our sustainable design philosophy has always been to build hand crafted natural homes combined with high indoor air quality and use the latest applications in green building science to create an energy efficient home with lasting value for your green investment dollars.  Our timeless residential designs sit in harmony with the local ecology and your regional climate.  Natural & Green Design offers residential green building design services and specializes in Timber Frame, Straw Bale Homes, Compressed Earth Blocks, Adobe brick, Light Straw Clay, Faswall and even rustic traditions such as Cob, Wattle & Daub and earthen plaster.  We also design for super insulated stud framing, SIPS and ICF.   We incorporate passive solar design, non-toxic materials, local products and self sufficient living into every project.  Homes, barns, root cellars, studios, and  renovations.